The Baroness’ New York City Latex Boutique

530 East 13th Street (between Ave A & B)
New York, NY 10009  ( View in Google Maps)

(+1) 212-529-5964

Tuesday-Saturday, 1:00-7:00
Thursday: 1:00-9:00

Stop by to view our current collection or discuss a custom outfit to fit your unique desires

12 Replies to “The Baroness’ New York City Latex Boutique”

  1. Lovely Baroness,
    Hoping you remember a loyal admirer from years past you named Lester once. i will be in New York City Thursday (Oct. 15th) and leaving for Las Vegas Friday morning. Staying in the East Village overnight and would love to see you again. Would be delighted to stop by your shop during hours.

    Once upon a time you were kind enough to give me an offer with a tag on it (haha).
    Would love to see the Beautiful Baroness again and please her.
    David aka “Lester”

    PS The Baroness commits to only the best in fashion design and stands behind her magnificent work.
    have a wonderful day!

  2. My Dear Baroness,
    Hope you are well, my prior theory re: Rubber Plants, and ants, perhaps unprovable, still Fun:)! Too long since we corresponded, prior purchases, perfection, as consistently drove, um..(not a family page, right:)?) the aforementioned Female Wearer to Decibel levels as the Werewolf of London (God Rest Zevon’s Soul) might Envy!!

    Alas and alack! There actually are Women (hard for you to believe) who are simply too Weak, or know not what REAL Love is, to abide, by my side, 14 hour days, International Law, and Travel to some actually quite pleasant places, unless THEY are the center of attention. Live and Lean, eh, as one is reminded of Patrick Moynihan’s (US Rep) statement to Chaim Herzog, (Israeli Rep) at the UN, after the Hateful “Zionist” Vote, into several open mikes: F–k ‘Em!!:))

    I need to know my present balance. Please.

    Again, you do not have the widest selection, but you never meant to, did you? Only The Best!!

    Your Friend,

    You Are The Best.

  3. I would just like to say I read your story in The Other Side of Desire and you are helping me celebrate my submissive side…

    Thank you Baroness

  4. I hope that you received my answer to your email however as we have had communication problems due to the extremely bad service of Verizon I wanted to follow it up here.

    When you are in New York of course come and visit us at the boutique we are open from 1-7 Monday-Saturday and until 9 on Thursday. You are also visiting at great time for parties as the New YOrk Fetish Marathon starts on May 28th -JUne 1st. And I shall be having a Fetish Finale Fetish Retinue on Sunday June 1st.

    I look forward to meeting you both!

    I Remain

    The Baroness

  5. Dear Baroness

    I love your beautiful latex fashions. Wish I was in New York City with you and I would love to model for you in a pair of latex briefs and latex shirt. I wish you could mail me some free sample of your latex also I would love you to email me a autographed picture of your self. LOVE YOU

    2336 BALMORAL RD

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