The Baroness Documentary Ties for First Place at Cinekink Film Festival!

The short documentary film about me (The Baroness) that Isabel Faintych created has taken first place again (it also took first at the Fetisch Film Festival in Kiel, Germany, and will no doubt win still more awards), at New York’s Cinekink Film Festival, tying with Zoe D’Amaro’s short “What’s your orgasm policy?”

This was one of my favorite interviews, in which I spoke of more than the usual fetish and BD/SM issues, touching also on the business of making a living in the fetish world. Lisa, the Cinekink Co-ordinator, said this one inspired her to create to the grouping of films that dealt with the business side of alternative lifestyles.

After the screening there was a short question-and-answer session, where I learned more about the other entries. Congratulations to all of them, to Isabel, to Lisa for a great film festival, and to everyone who supported the event!

Global Glam TV Interview with The Baroness

Global Glam Producer Nicole Kirichanskaya visits the latex boutique of designer The Baroness. They discuss The Baroness’ introduction to latex, the nature of latex itself, her line of fetish fashions, and more.

Getting Dressed Up By Latex Designer The Baroness

In Global Glam TV interview, part two, Nicole Kirichanskaya dresses up in Latex with the full Baroness treatment.