Custom Latex Military Jacket

A Custom Military jacket made from double layers of ruby latex. Shoulder pads give it the stiffness required for military wear. The decorative and functional snaps help create the crisp, sharp look. This custom latex connoisseur wore his latex military shirt with pride onstage at The Montreal Fetish Weekend.

Custom Latex Polka-Dot Samba Dress


Custom Latex Dress with Polka DotsCustom Latex Dress with Polka DotsThis one-of-a-kind custom latex samba dress features a bodice of chartreuse green (another favourite hue of mine), with elasticized, contrasting arm garters and ruffle cuffs of blue, with a high-standing collar and blue cummerbund. Perfect for Carnival and balloon parties!

Men’s Custom Great Coat

A custom great coat in eggplant with deep pockets, and wide lapel, with contrasting silver latex trim and buttons. Perfect for the buccaneer look he sported in Jamaica for “Kink in the Caribbean” He’s wearing it with our poet shirt, ruffled ascot, scrunched cummerbund, and black trousers.