Baroness Latex onstage at the Vancouver Fetish Weekend

Vancouver Fetish Weekend photos by Kevin Free

These outfits were so fun to create, I love dressing performers as I know their outfits will be seen by many and I love the unique challenges that must be considered for their act. Aerial duo Sylvana and Kyla came to me with their vision of the characters Kitana and Meleena from the game Mortal Kombat and added SubZero as their bodyguard!

White Latex for Halloween Fetish Ball

I always love it when Judi contacts us for latex ensembles, as she certainly has the body and the accessory (husband) to show them to their best advantage! This outfit was bought for the Halloween Fetish Ball in Las Vegas. She knew what basics she wanted, and deferred to my recommendation that she go with white (which would make her a sexy standout in a field of black) and accessorize with our Kitten Ears, collar, and opera mitts. Judi is wearing The Baroness Micro Skirt and Cinched Halter Top with those accessories. Her very fit husband is wearing our Lace-Front Shorts.

The Baroness Latex Cat Ears for Mayors’ Alliance for NYC Animals

I made these limited edition latex cat ears to support the Mayor’s Alliance. The left ear is clipped to signify that the cat has been spade or neutered. The color was chosen in honor of Hamlet, the famous resident cat at the  Algonquin Hotel, which hosts annual benefits for the Alliance.

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While these ears are custom-made for the Mayor’s Alliance, our standard Kitten Ears are available in many other colors. 10% of every sale of Kitten Ears sale (as well as sales of other cat-themed items) goes directly to Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals!

The first photo above, from left to right: Becky Robinson, Founder and President of Alley Cat Allies (the nation’s largest feral cat organization); Dr. Susan Whittred, head vet at Patricia Ladew Cat Sanctuary; and Elyise Hallenbeck, Director of Development for Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals. The second photo features Kathleen O’Malley, Director of TNR Education for the NYC Feral Cat Initiative, and one of their TNR Certified Feral Cat Caretakers 

Lune Looks Lucious in Latex

Lune is pictured here in stunning black and white, wearing a Spotted Bodice Corset, Striped Pedal Pushers, Spotted Opera Mitts, and solid black Capelet, purchased at DomConLA. I love the contrast! A bold and unexpected fashion statement. It puts me in mind of my black and white all stripes and spots fashion show at Montreal Fetish Weekend. Fabulous!

Please note: the spotted and striped options Lune is wearing are special order/custom only.