Latex Mermaid Tail Makes a Splash

Christine writes:

The design is ingenious I can swim with the tail, walk with the tail, pose with the tail making it look like I don’t have feet. It’s a magical experience wearing this one of a kind design by The Baroness.

I want to thank The Baroness for putting so much work into not only my mermaid tail but creating a full outfit for me to wear. The Baroness truly transformed me into a mermaid and I am sooo grateful! My favorite piece to date. I have other pieces from The Baroness and each and everyone are fantastic, truly couture! Top of the line fashion designer. A step above the rest!


Christine Telesco (Mermaid girl)

Hannah’s Dressing Room Selfie

Hannah’s wearing our latex Lana Turner Top and Skating Skirt

When I left the store a couple months ago wearing my brand-new latex top, I noticed a little girl on the subway sneaking glances over than me. I was worried for a second that my outfit might be a little too risque for a kid to see, but then I heard her tell her mom, “mommy, mommy, she’s a superhero!” It was an incredible feeling.

Thank you for being such a wonderful store. Wearing your latex has helped me feel so much prettier and more confident, and my new skirt was even a hit at church yesterday. You’ve got a very satisfied and loyal customer here.