My Season Premiere Fetish Retinue was an Eye-Popping Good Time for Latex Lovers and the Brave Few Who Ventured inside Giant Balloons!

First, Violet Sweet performed a balloon burlesque striptease, popping away until she exposed too much for this G-Rated web site (I'm practically blushing even now)
The anti-popping faction of the balloon fetish world probably left early when they realized there was no stopping "those who pop".
Wild shoes and an inner tube exoskeleton. There are many ways to avoid the $13 cover.

The first balloonaut inflated his rubber lair...

...and dove in.

After bouncing around in his own little world, the balloon man popped his head out and shouted with delight. Suddenly everyone wanted to try it.
The Fetish Retinue: First Sunday of Every Month at the Alphabet Lounge. Ave C & 7th St., NYC

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