November 4, 2001

Of corset it was a great time! My November Fetish Retinue featured containment in the most glamorous of fashions. And what combines glamour, pain, and bondage all tightly laced into one? The corset of course! Our charming model is also wearing our new fleece lined collar with matching cuffs. Something about tightening Mistress Sonia's lacings and cinching her down to a 22 inch waist brings out the sadist in me. No wonder she passed out! She seemed to love it too. Out of her corset she creates another of rope.
Absolutely amazing plastic tubing corsets made by Rsthetic! Contact the designer, Anton Salaks at desrada@aol.com. It is rare I'd wear another's designs or things other than latex but I'd love to have 1 or 2 of his pieces in my closet.

We celebrated this garment of torture and fashion with an evening of creative bondage brought to you by Lady Kayla,
The Fetish Retinue: First Sunday of Every Month at the Alphabet Lounge. Ave C & 7th St., NYC