New York City, November 18, 1999

A very well-dressed crowd enjoyed an eye-popping display of refined and elaborate fetish decadence at my fourth Royal Amusements on Nov. 18.

I moved this event to a swank uptown club called Decade, which provided the perfect atmosphere for an elegant evening of exhibitionist activities and fiendish fun.

The very strict fashion police, nurse, and nun all wore occupational outfits from my soon-to-be-unveiled new line of fetish uniforms and accessories.

The Fetish Police drag a few under-dressed victims on stage and correct their fetish shortcomings.

A nurse was on hand as well, in case enforcement caused any injuries

The crowd was as fascinating as the show.

The Fetish Police and Genevieve (the nun) put my new inflatable straight jacket (another piece in my upcoming fetish line) on an inadequately-attired perp.


Bondage doesn't get more restricting than a latex "Sucky bed", complete with vacuum

I like offering the Royal Amusements as a stage for young designers who deserve exposure. Some of the best happen to be my current and former employees.

Angel Power, a former employee of mine, exhibits fun, playful, and sexy fetish clothing.

My irreplaceable employee and designer in her own right, Genevieve and friends modeled her fabulous creations, including this amazing latex fantasy dress.
Laura Petriali, still in school and my current intern, exhibits great talent with some elegant bondage gowns.
Sonja Blaze displayed an amazing array of her signature chain mail pieces.
leather by Acid

fibreglass top by Molecule

Fantasy dress by 3rd Millennium

Olivier provided the grand Finale with a show he styled with fetish wear from London Fetish Boutique
Raphael does Madonna


After the show, the play continued until the wee hours of the morning. Plans are already underway for a whole new Royal Amusements next year, so stay tuned.

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