The Baroness' Royal Amusements V

"The World's Most Elegant Evening of Decadent Kink"

All Photos ©2003 Mark McQueen

Rave reviews are pouring in! The Fifth Royal Amusements was the most elegant fetish spectacle ever in New York. The kinky splendor was truly a visual (not to mention other senses) feast. It was certainly unlike anything New York has seen before. If you don't see your photo here, try here.

To provide a more comfortable and discrete atmosphere, we chose not to photograph guests or private play activity. The images here are limited to the fashion shows, some performances, and a few who consented to be photographed.

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Special thanks to Ted & Di, and an anonymous benefactor, for making this very special gala possible.

Next year's gala is already in the works, and as word gets out, we expect it to be even bigger and better.

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All photos ©2003 Mark McQueen, Photographer/Webczar