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Seen on HBO's Real SexNew York, NY. The Baroness, New York’s Premier designer of Elegant, Provocative Latex fashions since 1994, is renowned for her unique fashion events, performances and parties. The Baroness’ philosophy, “Any occasion to dress is an occasion to overdress!” is obvious to all who’ve seen her imaginative and entertaining fashion shows. Her trademark professionalism, intellect, and playfulness reveal themselves in her colourful latex creations. Taking inspiration from a theme or mood each presentation combines wearable designs with distinctive pieces created for the occasion.

Standouts from past fashion shows include: The Baroness’ latex Angel complete with surgical-glove wings created for the Goddess Ball and called “a highlight of the show” by the Village Voice. A latex western wear ho down, Valentines Day heartbreakers in sexy latex dresses adorned with pink and red hearts, and Santa’s helpers decked in red and green latex trimmed with feathers and fur. At Jamaica’s Hedonism II, in the exotic finale of her tropical fashion show The Baroness, resplendent in a glistening latex mermaid ensemble complete with fish tail and seaweed corset, was conveyed about the stage by a procession of tanned models in latex cabana suits and hibiscus appliquéd sundresses.

For Dorian’s parlor, The Baroness’ presented “Latex Time Travel” with a neo-Victorian, steampunk fashion show of long gowns and bustles for the women, while dandies strutted in latex frockcoats and top hats.

The Baroness launched her Couture “Fit for Royalty” line at New York’s Black and Blue Ball. Inspired by the belle époque, the decadent court of The Sun King, and the mysterious orient, this extravaganza was created for the serious dressing enthusiast. It was theatrically staged in the romantic setting of a bygone era’s grand ballroom. The men, dressed in voluminous poets’ shirts, bejeweled court coats and elaborate formal wear, posed and preened like peacocks as the ladies in their stunning and opulent latex gowns fanned themselves and sipped champagne.

To satisfy her lifelong fantasy “to dress up a roomful of people and just look at them” The Baroness created her own series of parties, starting with The Royal Amusements. An annual gala event with a strict dress code of fetish finery or formal wear draws attendees from around the globe. She followed this success with “The Kinky Costume Ball”, a wild and triumphant Halloween celebration. For 3 years she organized and booked talent for the Sound Factory’s huge annual SM Ball, where she also performed before a packed house of 15,000 revelers.

Desiring a smaller more manageable venue The Baroness delivered Glamour and Pain monthly at her Fetish Retinue party for twelve years, making it New York’s longest-running monthly fetish party. A dedicated Latex Evangelist, she is committed to showcasing the talents of New York’s’ fetish elite, educating the masses to the exotic ways of rubber, and spreading the gospel of latex. You’ll never know what to expect, but it’s always exciting!

It could be a provocative latex fashion show, or her bizarre sucky bed, or perhaps the incredible blow up man, or even a celebration of balloons. With The Baroness’ goal to provide a safe space to do dangerous things, inhibitions are lost in the intimate atmosphere, and with the charmingly persuasive Baroness as host, you may even find yourself roped into the act!

With The Baroness’ background in film, her progression to Fetish / SM performer was inevitable. Always creative and visually exciting, each show is different and unique, but The Baroness’ style is always evident with her love of color and unusual latex designs. Performances have included human candelabras, mummified liquid sculpture, bizarre inflatable bodies, rubber nurses, and her “Taming the Tiger” piece in the Cyber Fetish Circus seen in New York, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia.

With latex in the mainstream The Baroness has been called upon for help with with latex fashions (as well as casting and performances) for music videos including Jared Leto’s controversial “Hurricane”; appearances on Jerry Springer; Oribe Hair Salons’ 2 day Las Vegas expo, and numerous short films.

Print-ready portraits of The Baroness are available here ( Please credit “© Mark McQueen, All Rights Reserved”

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