Fiancé of Fetish Retinue Attendee is stunning in Her First Latex Outfit

I was very pleased when an attendee of my Fetish Retinue (at the time, the longest-running monthly fetish party in NYC) brought his new financé (and latex virgin) to us at the Fetish Fair Flea Market for her first latex ensemble.

Unable to decide between our Marilyn Monroe top in sapphire blue or black, they opted for both, which she wore with our Knee-Length Skirt.

Latex Virgin in new Baroness Latex Marilyn Monroe Top and Knee-Length Skirt

Their original plan was to head straight up to their room, but she received so many compliments, they ended up holding court in the hotel bar instead.

The Baroness’ Lecture at the National Arts Club: Latex in Fashion

I was invited by the Fashion Committee of The National Arts Club to speak on Latex in Fashion on Feb 7 at their NYC clubhouse.

The enthusiastic, standing-room-only crowd gave me a warm welcome, and seemed interested in more than the fashion side of latex!

While the event was live-streamed on Facebook, this video is a bit easier to watch. Coming soon, the question-and-answer segment that followed my presentation.

On behalf of the fashion committee, I would still like to thank you again for bringing not only such an interesting and unique program to the club, but also your great sense of humor and grace. I can assure you it was one of the most popular programs we have ever had, and I heard many people still talking about it in the club during this week – that does not happen often!  We can surely talk about future collaborations. 

Nina Urban, National Arts Club

Thanks to The National Arts Club for providing many excellent photos, including these (and more in the video):