The Baroness Documentary Ties for First Place at Cinekink Film Festival!

The short documentary film about me (The Baroness) that Isabel Faintych created has taken first place again (it also took first at the Fetisch Film Festival in Kiel, Germany, and will no doubt win still more awards), at New York’s Cinekink Film Festival, tying with Zoe D’Amaro’s short “What’s your orgasm policy?”

This was one of my favorite interviews, in which I spoke of more than the usual fetish and BD/SM issues, touching also on the business of making a living in the fetish world. Lisa, the Cinekink Co-ordinator, said this one inspired her to create to the grouping of films that dealt with the business side of alternative lifestyles.

After the screening there was a short question-and-answer session, where I learned more about the other entries. Congratulations to all of them, to Isabel, to Lisa for a great film festival, and to everyone who supported the event!

From the Texas Latex Party

A customer just sent us this photo from TLP. Gin likes latex with a very loose fit so we sold her The Baroness Gwendolyn Dress one size larger than usual, She’s also wearing our black latex swim cap. We didn’t dress her beau, but were delighted when they won TLP’s Best-Dressed Latex Couple for 2018. Thanks to Gerry Koeher for the photo.

Latex Mermaid Tail Makes a Splash

Christine writes:

The design is ingenious I can swim with the tail, walk with the tail, pose with the tail making it look like I don’t have feet. It’s a magical experience wearing this one of a kind design by The Baroness.

I want to thank The Baroness for putting so much work into not only my mermaid tail but creating a full outfit for me to wear. The Baroness truly transformed me into a mermaid and I am sooo grateful! My favorite piece to date. I have other pieces from The Baroness and each and everyone are fantastic, truly couture! Top of the line fashion designer. A step above the rest!


Christine Telesco (Mermaid girl)

Hannah’s Dressing Room Selfie

Hannah’s wearing our latex Lana Turner Top and Skating Skirt

When I left the store a couple months ago wearing my brand-new latex top, I noticed a little girl on the subway sneaking glances over than me. I was worried for a second that my outfit might be a little too risque for a kid to see, but then I heard her tell her mom, “mommy, mommy, she’s a superhero!” It was an incredible feeling.

Thank you for being such a wonderful store. Wearing your latex has helped me feel so much prettier and more confident, and my new skirt was even a hit at church yesterday. You’ve got a very satisfied and loyal customer here.