Joey (finally) Takes a Big Position in Latex

Joey is a native New Yorker who has passed by my boutique many times over the years. She finally crossed the threshold to pop her latex cherry and now she’s hooked! Her first garment was the Gwendolyn Dress, quickly followed by Leggings and a Halter Top, with plans for more soon! I love how punky the latex looks with her tough boots and vintage Double Down Saloon tee!

Hellooo Nurse!

There are lots of sick people out there! We hope these shots of Nurse MJ and Doctor Necrosis make you feel better! MJ is stopping hearts and traffic in our Nurse Dress and matching Hat!

“I am pleased to report that MJ’s nurse ensemble arrived in the mail this morning… happy happy, joy joy! We are flattered that you would post our photos.”

Dr. Necrosis

The Baroness in EV Grieve

A Visit to The Baroness

Text & Photos by Stacie Joy
The Baroness photographed by Stacie Joy

Nice article with lots of photos and my answers to questions about my NYC boutique, Me, latex, shopping for the holidays and more.

“I am a wee bit nervous as I approach the Baroness and her eponymous latex shop at 530 13th St. (between Avenues A and B). I’d never worn latex before and tend to go through life in jeans and tees, which is a definite no-no at the elegant, well-appointed and provocative showroom where the Baroness designs, creates, fits and sells her line of custom, bespoke, and ready-to-wear latex fashion.”

—Stacie Joy

Read the full article here.

Revisiting de Sade —in Latex!

My chief executioner Persephone’s de Sade outfit is one of our finest custom couture latex creations so far. She writes:

I’ve always dreamed of owning an 18th century Rococo menswear suit. Never did I imagine it could be made out of latex! The Baroness sourced this exquisite silver blue damask material specially for this project. Most people do not realize it is latex. Even when The Baroness gave a lecture on the history of latex and fashion at The National Arts Club (which I was lucky enough to model for), people in the audience did not believe the outfit was rubber until they touched it.

continued below….

As a devoted student of history, I am pleased to say each piece has been accurately patterned, with astonishing attention to detail. I am given to understand several historical texts were consulted during the painstaking construction. There is nothing in this world quite like an opulent frock coat and the pleats on this jacket are perfectly done. I love the back lacing on the waistcoat, and the sleeves on the ivory undershirt are a yard each of latex! Even the breeches have four buttons at the outside of each knee. All the embroidered lace and trimmings, and yes, especially the preponderance of accent buttons merely for show, make this suit an achievement in historical reproduction. The fact that it is latex takes it to the next level.

In order to do proper justice to such work, I made it my mission to find period appropriate accessories to complete the ensemble. My shoes and clocked silk stockings are from American Duchess, which exclusively manufactures period reproduction footwear. As to the wig,I am proud to say I styled it myself!

This outfit is quite literally a dream come true and I am beyond grateful to The Baroness for bringing it to life. It is my immense honor and privilege to wear it.


We’re Open Again!

Every Latex Garment in the Store 25% Off through July 3

With new hours, limited access, and new safety protocols, you can once again visit my NYC boutique without an appointment, and try on that latex you’ve been lusting after!

After nearly 3 months, it’s phase 2 now in New York, and I am delighted to welcome you back!

We’ll also continue providing fittings by appointment if that would make you more comfortable.

Our New Hours are Tues—Saturday 2-7

What Can You Expect?

Fabulous latex, obviously! Buzz for entry, and we will greet you, masks on, of course.

You’ll Be Asked to Follow Our New Safety Protocols:

  • Everyone must wear a mask at all times
  • No more than three guests at a time to allow for social distancing
  • Everyone will be asked to wash hands before touching anything in the store

For our part, we’ll be wiping down and sanitizing the shop and dressing room after each customer. After trying on any latex garment, we’ll give give you a plastic bag to put it in. We’ll thoroughly clean it and keep it out of the store for 3 days before returning it to the showroom.

I also want to thank all of you who have purchased online during our shutdown. I’ll be rewarding you with another online sale soon, to show my appreciation.

Looking Forward to Dressing You in Latex!

Thank You for Supporting Small Businesses in This Trying Time!

‘Vintage’ Medical Latex Designs for Mistrix Sade & slave specimen

When I was approached by Mistrix Sade’s slave Specimen to create a bizarre medical design I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Somehow vintage Medical outfits look more menacing in transparent latex!! It just adds to the overall scare factor. We also made specimen’s ensemble (except for the hood).

Photos by Lance. Bird