a Beginner’s Guide to Latex, by Latex Designer The Baroness

Latex—what springs to mind? Diapers, girdles, surgical gloves, condoms, safe sex, or just plain sex!!?? Think again, for latex has entered the world of high fashion, and The Baroness, New York’s premiere latex designer will help you explore this brave new world.

Latex is the latest fashion favorite; it’s new, hot, and exciting! It strides down the catwalks of couture fashion in shows by Thierry Mugler, Tom Ford, Anna Sui, and other top designers. W magazine, –the fashion Bible– regularly features latex (including designs by The Baroness). Magazine covers sporting latex include Mary Tyler Moore wearing a cat suit for Vanity Fair, Kim Bassinger (dressed by The Baroness) for Detour magazine, and glamorous layouts photographed by Helmut Newton. Hollywood stars and entertainers wear latex in videos and at award ceremonies. Ever wonder if the dazzle of Hollywood can also shine upon the wider world, at work and play? The big secret is that it can.

Like leather, latex shares a heritage of sexual fetish and excitement. Jackets like the one worn by Marlon Brando in The Wild One were once the sole domain of a wild and dangerous underworld. But the world has changed. Leather has been tamed. It’s now high fashion and sold on Rodeo Drive and Park Avenue. Latex too, has outgrown its past and brings its allure into the real world. At work, power dressing takes on a whole new meaning by tastefully combing a latex skirt or top with business attire. You’ll command attention like never before. At play, a little black latex dress is the ultimate ticket past nightclub queues and trendy maitre-de’s. And anywhere you go, these garments are real conversation starters.

More important than getting past bouncers though, is getting past one’s own inhibitions. What’s needed is a sense of fun, a dash of élan, and confidence. Your shiny latex ensemble will provide the reflected light, memorable stares, and the inevitable rubbernecking (pun intended).

As a latex designer, The Baroness’ goal is to create elegant, provocative latex fashions not just for Madonna, but for you, to make you a star in your own realm. In the process, these garments can also unravel a few stereotypes.

Print-ready portraits of The Baroness are available here (https://baroness.com/press/photos/portraits.html). Please credit “© WebCzar@Baroness.com, All Rights Reserved”

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