Revisiting de Sade —in Latex!

My chief executioner Persephone’s de Sade outfit is one of our finest custom couture latex creations so far. She writes:

I’ve always dreamed of owning an 18th century Rococo menswear suit. Never did I imagine it could be made out of latex! The Baroness sourced this exquisite silver blue damask material specially for this project. Most people do not realize it is latex. Even when The Baroness gave a lecture on the history of latex and fashion at The National Arts Club (which I was lucky enough to model for), people in the audience did not believe the outfit was rubber until they touched it.

continued below….

As a devoted student of history, I am pleased to say each piece has been accurately patterned, with astonishing attention to detail. I am given to understand several historical texts were consulted during the painstaking construction. There is nothing in this world quite like an opulent frock coat and the pleats on this jacket are perfectly done. I love the back lacing on the waistcoat, and the sleeves on the ivory undershirt are a yard each of latex! Even the breeches have four buttons at the outside of each knee. All the embroidered lace and trimmings, and yes, especially the preponderance of accent buttons merely for show, make this suit an achievement in historical reproduction. The fact that it is latex takes it to the next level.

In order to do proper justice to such work, I made it my mission to find period appropriate accessories to complete the ensemble. My shoes and clocked silk stockings are from American Duchess, which exclusively manufactures period reproduction footwear. As to the wig,I am proud to say I styled it myself!

This outfit is quite literally a dream come true and I am beyond grateful to The Baroness for bringing it to life. It is my immense honor and privilege to wear it.


‘Vintage’ Medical Latex Designs for Mistrix Sade & slave specimen

When I was approached by Mistrix Sade’s slave Specimen to create a bizarre medical design I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Somehow vintage Medical outfits look more menacing in transparent latex!! It just adds to the overall scare factor. We also made specimen’s ensemble (except for the hood).

Photos by Lance. Bird

The Baroness on ‘Pop of the Morning’

On March 4, I was invited to appear on E! Entertainment’s Pop of the Morning as a latex expert to respond to the viral images of Kim Kardashian wearing latex from Balmain’s newest collection. As usual, great opportunities seem to come at the most inopportune time (this time, near the end of a 2-week marathon of working on many incredible outfits for clients and for me for the Texas Latex Party; the day before leaving for TLP; and not having the time to wash my hair or do my nails! Not to mention, first thing in the morning!)

But of course I said yes. It was brief, and while spreading the gospel of latex I still managed to be tactful, I thought. Despite the time constraint I did get host Scott Tweddie into our men’s Captains jacket, in which he looked great!

The Texas Latex Party!

The Baroness Latex at TLP

The Texas Latex Party (TLP) is one of my favorite American dress events. Each year we create custom outfits for attendees, many of whom have won awards for best dressed latex female, male, or couple. While designers are exempt from these titles, this year I felt it was my turn. So I devised a plan.

Thursday night I couldn’t resist the play on words “Big Top” (Dominatrix/circus tent), so basic black with ponies was the solution. The next day, for my latex lecture, I introduced color with some tastefully placed polka dots.

For Friday night’s party we started to roll out the color: pink and blue with contrasting polka dots and stripes. Hooped and horsehair skirts provided dimensions and movement not usually associated with latex. And we topped it off with tiny clown hats and makeup. Such fun outfits to wear and dance in!

The  Carnival theme thrilled me! I love color and costumes! My brain danced with visions and kaleidoscopes of colours! For maximum impact, I contacted long-time client Don and his lady friend Cheyanne to join me and my chief executioner, Persephone in my plan.

For Saturday’s’ carnival games we united with a color scheme of pearl sheen green and purple (Don just happened to already have the perfect outfit). Nothing custom here—all off-the-rack designs here with a variety of added details.

Saturday night we entered the ballroom in our rainbow of latex colours, feathers and lace. We were a beacon in a sea of black and red!  The theme was inspired by my custom design for Cheyanne, with both of us as “Showgirls”, and Don and Persephone  as our complementary escorts (We made Dons’ jacket but can’t take credit for either his pants or latex mask).

When the awards were announced  did win— in a brand new category: Best Latex Group!

The Baroness’ Lecture at the National Arts Club: Latex in Fashion

I was invited by the Fashion Committee of The National Arts Club to speak on Latex in Fashion on Feb 7 at their NYC clubhouse.

The enthusiastic, standing-room-only crowd gave me a warm welcome, and seemed interested in more than the fashion side of latex!

While the event was live-streamed on Facebook, this video is a bit easier to watch. Coming soon, the question-and-answer segment that followed my presentation.

On behalf of the fashion committee, I would still like to thank you again for bringing not only such an interesting and unique program to the club, but also your great sense of humor and grace. I can assure you it was one of the most popular programs we have ever had, and I heard many people still talking about it in the club during this week – that does not happen often!  We can surely talk about future collaborations. 

Nina Urban, National Arts Club

Thanks to The National Arts Club for providing many excellent photos, including these (and more in the video):