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I personally recommend all of the following resources. These linstings are not mutual links for generating traffic. Some belong to friends of mine, all are worth a look.

I am one of four main subjects in multiple-award-winning author Daniel Bergner’s book, “The Other Side of Desire“, available at See a quick YouTube video of Dan talking about “The Other Side of Desire”.

Fetish Images

Angels For Machines

I highly recommend this site. The creator has a wonderfully, bizarrely twisted approach to latex and inflatables, along with tremendous skill as a craftsperson and the eye of an artist.

Kiss of Fire

Our friend and talented photographer Barbara Nitke, who fights the good fight against censorship and has been in the scene for a long time, collaborates with couples to create very intimate portraits of their passion and desire. This book is available from and signed copies directly from Barbara Nitke.

Secret Space, by John Gillam

John’s amazing talent -and a very unusual technique- make for one gorgeous book…and web site.




A gorgeous site with a lot to look at.

Fashion Fetish Fantasy, by Thierry Mugler

This man is a god. I would love to model for him and own some of those incredible suits. I would buy every book he was involved in.

The Beauty of Fetish, by Steve Diet Goedde

Great latex photos with a latex diva…sound like anyone we know? An excellent book for any fetishist’s library. The Beauty of Fetish, Volume 2also available.

The Photography of Eric Kroll

Pages from the Glossies: Facsmilies 1956-1988
Photography by Helmut Newton

A standard for anyone who loves beautifully photographed, strong, gorgeous women, often in bizarre circumstances.

The InternationalAssociation of Rubberists

“You Are Not Alone”. Extensive Resources, Free Membership

The Rubber Doll

If you like rubber and you like bizarre, you’ve gotta check this out.

Fetish Fashions & Accessories

Fabulously Fetish

Handmade, made to measure and bespoke fetish footwear. We are a unique company that not only make everything by hand but also everything is made here in Britain, which sadly is extremely rare today, especially in the fetish and alterative world. Our exquisite collection is a celebration of a talented craftsman ‘Cos K’, who has grown up in a shoe making family and has spent over 30 years in the industry. He was one of the early pioneers of the 6” stiletto heel.
Fetish Footwear
Fabulously Fetish Footwear

Contour Corsets

When she says “contour”, she really means it. Beautiful custom work by Fran Blanche.

Super Sexy High Heels

A woman (or man!) can never have too many high heeled shoes and boots. For those trying to get on my good side, I wear a size 9

A delightful site for those who love to wear silky undergarments from times past.

Unique Rubber Bags

A delightful site by those who appreciate the ritual of dress and undress. Lots of excellent images.

Pandora & Pendragon

Friends of ours with fantastic jewelry

Samco Scenewear

Owners of the “Scenewear” trademark

Fashion Resources

Gothic Fashion at the Gothic Portal

Hip Planet Fashions

Check out the company they put me in with!

Toys, Accessories & Other Products

We got a first-hand look at some of his first-rate work while visiting London a while back

Sex Toys 411

Looks like a good resource with an educational slant. Nice.

Good Reading

Bow Down!

Although based on information gleaned from dominatrices, this knowledge can be useful and inspiring to anyone seeking to better channel their personal power in everyday life. Lindsay interviewed me at my boutique and at DomCon LA. In my chapter I talked about latex and my philosophy “Change your clothes, change your life!”. I am delighted to report that I’d influenced her enough that now she proudly struts about in a Baroness waist cincher! Check out the book on Amazon.

The Other Side of Desire

By Daniel Bergner, who explores the fetishes of The Baroness and three others.

Sex Kitten

Open discussion of sexuality, sensuality, and smut!
With three articles about me (1 2 3), this woman shows remarkably good taste.


a very interesting site with both lots to read and to see.

A rarity on the Web: truly thought-provoking articles about sex, alternative lifestyles, and other media taboo. And now read an article about one author’s experience with my Sucky bed!

The Complete Linda Lovelace Virtual Museum

The only source for my friend Eric Danville’s new book, “The Complete Linda Lovelace”

Tristan wrote the book (literally) on Anal Sex for Women. Whether or not this subject interests you, she is a dynamo, and her web site has a lot to offer. (And besides, she’s wearing my Lana Turner dress on her home page)

Dr. Ducky Doolittle’s Site of Sexual Curiosities

A fun, engaging, and informative site enfused with the wild and wacky personality of Dr. Ducky Doolittle

The Gentlemanly Art of Spanking the Woman You Love

Need I say more?

Interesting Resources

The Polyfetishist Directory

VibeReview offers up-to-date, accurate sex toy reviews on all your favorite toys. The best selection of adult novelties available at unbeatable prices

New York’s Museum of Sex

Fetish Diva

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