The Baroness’ Lecture at the National Arts Club: Latex in Fashion

I was invited by the Fashion Committee of The National Arts Club to speak on Latex in Fashion on Feb 7 at their NYC clubhouse.

The enthusiastic, standing-room-only crowd gave me a warm welcome, and seemed interested in more than the fashion side of latex!

While the event was live-streamed on Facebook, this video is a bit easier to watch.

Coming soon, the question-and-answer segment that followed my presentation.

Where Does One Wear Latex? The Guggenheim International Gala, for One.

We get this question a lot at the boutique. For me, it’s not an issue— I like to wear latex every day. But we always like to hear about others’ experiences.

Samantha Radnor (@samantharadnor) made a splash at the Guggenheim Gala in November with her new Baroness corset. Here’s what she had to say:

” I wanted to send you a few photos from last week’s gala at the Guggenheim. I loved the corset so much and received rave reviews. Thanks again for fitting this for me! “

You’re welcome, Samantha! Thanks for sending us the photos!

Lindsay Goldwert’s New book “Bow Down: Lessons from Dominatrixes on How to Get Everything You Want”, is available now.

This book is based on interviews with dominatrixes. But the ideas apply to anyone seeking to learn how to better channel their personal power in everyday life. 

Lindsay interviewed me (The Baroness) at my boutique and at DomCon LA. I talked about latex and my philosophy of “Change your clothes, Change your life!”. I was delighted that after our meeting I’d influenced her enough that now she proudly struts about in a Baroness waist cincher!

See Bow Down on

Baroness Latex onstage at the Vancouver Fetish Weekend

Vancouver Fetish Weekend photos by Kevin Free

These outfits were so fun to create, I love dressing performers as I know their outfits will be seen by many and I love the unique challenges that must be considered for their act. Aerial duo Sylvana and Kyla came to me with their vision of the characters Kitana and Meleena from the game Mortal Kombat and added SubZero as their bodyguard!

White Latex for Halloween Fetish Ball

I always love it when Judi contacts us for latex ensembles, as she certainly has the body and the accessory (husband) to show them to their best advantage! This outfit was bought for the Halloween Fetish Ball in Las Vegas. She knew what basics she wanted, and deferred to my recommendation that she go with white (which would make her a sexy standout in a field of black) and accessorize with our Kitten Ears, collar, and opera mitts. Judi is wearing The Baroness Micro Skirt and Cinched Halter Top with those accessories. Her very fit husband is wearing our Lace-Front Shorts.