The Baroness’ Latex-Only Pool Party — la dernière édition de la saison

(In English below)

The Baroness présente :

La dernière édition de la saison du Latex Pool Party : un week-end de plaisir et de jeu pervers dans la campagne française. Situé à 40 minutes de Lyon dans le Sud Beaujolais.

Du samedi 7 Septembre à Dimanche, 8 Septembre

Commencez de 14h à 18h autour de la piscine en latex (tenue en latex obligatoire) ! (45 euros). Habillez-vous pour impressionner lors de notre concours de costumes. Des collations et des boissons seront mises à votre disposition (alcool avec modération) ainsi que des vestiaires et un parking pour votre voiture à proximité immédiate. (Transport depuis et vers la gare de Tarare disponible pour 15 euros.) Des serviettes de piscine seront également disponibles contre caution (5 €).

A 19h, reprenez des forces avec un barbecue (25 euros), puis rendez vous au donjon pour jouer avec vos nouveaux amis en latex jusqu’à 23h, ou plus tard pour ceux qui souhaitent reserver une chambres au château pour la nuit  (100 pour une personne, 125 euros pour les couples). Le petit-déjeuner (10 euros) sera servi de 8h à 10h avec départ avant 11h30.

Cet événement réservé aux amateurs de latex est un événement exclusif mais inclusif, accueillant toutes les orientations, tous les sexes et tous les âges tant que vous avez plus de 18 ans. Malheureusement les lieux ne sont pas accessibles aux personnes à mobilité réduite.

Pas de sexe, drogue, animal ou nudité autorisé ! Si vous êtes fumeurs, un espace séparé vous sera réservé (Absolument pas de cigarette ni de vapotage dans l’espace piscine, dans les chambres ou dans le manoir).

Afin de respecter les lieux et les personnes, les photos ou vidéos ne sont pas autorisées. Toute photo ou vidéo prise entraînera l’exclusion immédiate de l’événement.

Cet événement Intimiste est limité à 13 personnes, pour votre confort et votre plaisir, alors réservez votre place dès maintenant ! préventes uniquement.


Toute personne ne respectant pas cette règle sera refoulée et votre caution conservée ! Vous souhaitez y assister mais vous n’avez pas de latex ? Si je dispose de suffisamment de temps, les costumes de base pour femmes et hommes peuvent être commandés directement auprès de moi.

N’oubliez pas qu’il s’agit d’un rassemblement intime avec un espace limité, alors RÉSERVEZ MAINTENANT ! N’oubliez pas d’apporter vos jouets et votre crème solaire !

*Une note spéciale et un grand merci à tous ceux qui ont fait de la première une telle réussite ! En particulier; les maîtresses invitées, Miss Lupa Mannara de Paris et Lady Wednesday de Détroit, mon co-animateur SuperPup, Robin pour avoir apporté son vacbed et son vaccube, ainsi que les 4 designers de latex présents !

Contact et réservation :, Instagram et twitter @LatexBaroness

The Baroness presents: 

Her season finale Intimate Fetish Retinue, latex-only pool party and  weekend of perverse fun and play in the French countryside. Located 40 minutes from Lyon in Southern Beaujolais.

Saturday, September 7, 2pm until Sunday, the 8th at noon.

Begin at 2-6pm with the latex-only pool party! (45 euros). Dress to impress for costume competition. Snacks and drinks will be provided (alcohol in moderation) as well as changing rooms and a parking area for your car in the immediate vicinity. (Transportation to and from Tarare train station available for 15 euros.) Pool towels will also be available upon deposit (€5).

7pm: stay for barbecue (25 euros), then adjourn to the dungeon to play with your new latex friends until 11pm. Or later for those who book one of the limited rooms available (€100 for one, €125 for couples). Breakfast (10 euros) will be served from 8-10 with checkout by 11:30.

This Latex lovers only event is an exclusive but inclusive event, welcoming all orientations, genders and ages as long as you are over 18. Although—unfortunately—not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

No sex, drugs, animals or nudity allowed! If you are smokers, a separate area will be reserved (Absolutely no cigarettes or vaping in the pool area, rooms or manor). 

In order to respect the place and people,  photos or videos are not allowed. Any photos or videos taken will result in immediate dismissal from the event.

This Intimate event is limited to 13, for your comfort and enjoyment, so reserve you place now! pre-sales only.


Anyone that doesn’t adhere to this rule will be turned away and your deposit kept! Want to attend but, a latex virgin? Given enough time basic women’s and men’s costumes can be ordered directly from me. 

Remember, this is an intimate gathering with limited space so RESERVE NOW! Don’t forget to bring your toys and sunscreen!

*A special note and my great thanks to all who made the premiere party such a success! In particular; guests Mistresses, Miss Lupa Mannera from Paris and Lady Wednesday from Detroit, my co-host SuperPup, Robin for bringing his sucky bed and cube, as well as the 4 latex makers in attendance! 

Contact and booking:, Instagram and twitter @LatexBaroness

a Balloon Fetish Fantasy at My June Fetish Retinue

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Balloons at My June Fetish Retinue

Having a balloon fetish may have enhanced the experience of my June Fetish Retinue for some. But no fetish was necessary.

Loving colour and latex as I do, I have always fantasized about a room full of balloons: a sea of shiny, colourful,  latex orbs through which I could walk in my rubber ensembles.

At my Fetish Retinue parties I always like to see my guests playing in both adult and child ways. Apparently a back room full of balloons brings out the kid in all of us, as you can see!

A special thanks to Joe for providing hundreds of balloons and supervising my team of latex enthusiasts in blowing them all up. It was an evening that shall not be repeated and I’m so delighted to have balloon fetish photos!

Farewell to The Fetish Retinue

The evening of June 5th was both enchanting and bittersweet. The intimate Royal Amusements dinner was flawless—delicious food and gorgeous latex-clad guests! At 10pm, as we paraded through the New York streets on our way to the finale Fetish Retinue party, I felt anxious and a little melancholy, knowing that I was walking into the end of an era, and uncertain of what was to come.

The Baroness
It's Been Fun

Walking up the long staircase to White Noise, the sounds of revelry filled the air. I was delighted to find the club packed! The Fetish Retinue was truly getting the send-off it deserved.

It was an emotional evening as guests approached, asking if this was truly the last party and why, thanking me for 12 years of fetish parties, and telling tales of the fun and tortures they had over the past years. I took to the stage and made a short speech, thanking everyone. I said that with such a huge turn-out I was going to do another farewell party in September, and that drew laughs and loud cheers. Then I stepped into the throng and began to celebrate.

It wasn’t an easy decision to end The Fetish Retinue and I haven’t yet come up with any definite plans, but I do want to do something for my birthday at Halloween, so start thinking about your costumes!

After the party madness I needed a break, so we took a month-long road trip around the US, including some of Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, and several amazing national parks.

While fun, the trip was actually another project, this time a photo book: Mr. Mahj Goes West, featuring one of my cats. Look for it sometime next year. Photographer Mark McQueen has a few of the cat images on his blog.